pl conidia
An asexual spore produced by a specialized hypha in certain fungi.

Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture . 2015.

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  • Conidium — Co*nid i*um, n.; pl. {Conida}. [NL.] (Bot.) A peculiar kind of reproductive cell found in certain fungi, and often containing zo[ o]spores. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • conidium — conidium. См. конидия. (Источник: «Англо русский толковый словарь генетических терминов». Арефьев В.А., Лисовенко Л.А., Москва: Изд во ВНИРО, 1995 г.) …   Молекулярная биология и генетика. Толковый словарь.

  • Conidĭum — (Bot.), so v. w. Propagulum …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • conidium — [kō nid′ē əm, kənid′ē əm] n. pl. conidia [kō nid′ēə, kə nid′ēə] [ModL < Gr konis, dust (see INCINERATE) + IUM] a small asexual spore abstricted from the tip of a conidiophore in certain fungi …   English World dictionary

  • Conidium — Conidia on conidiophores …   Wikipedia

  • conidium — noun (plural conidia) Etymology: New Latin, from Greek konis dust more at incinerate Date: 1856 an asexual spore produced on a conidiophore of certain fungi • conidial adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Conidium — Konidiosporen Konidien (Syn. Konidiosporen, Akrosporen, Conidien) nennt man eine bestimmte Form von Sporen der Pilze, aber auch von Prokaryoten der Gattung Streptomyces. Bei den Pilzen zählen sie zu den Mitosporen, werden folglich… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • conidium — (ko nid e um; pl., conidia) See conidiospore …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • conidium — Asexual spore of fungus, borne at the tip of a specialized hypha (conidiophore) …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • conidium — conidial, conidian, adj. /koh nid ee euhm, keuh /, n., pl. conidia / nid ee euh/. Bot. (in fungi) an asexual spore formed by abstriction at the top of a hyphal branch. [1865 70; < Gk kón(is) dust (akin to INCINERATE) + IDIUM] * * * ▪ spore… …   Universalium

  • conidium — noun A fungal spore produced asexually in a conidiophore …   Wiktionary

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