ligase chain reaction

ligase chain reaction
Abbreviation: LCR
A technique for the detection and amplification of target DNA sequences. Two oligonucleotides are synthesized which between them are complementary to the entire target sequence, one to the 5'-side and one to the 3'-side. If the target sequence is present in the DNA sample under examination, the oligonucleotides will bind to it with their ends abutting in the centre, and a heat-stable ligase will join them into a complete polynucleotide. No ligation occurs if the target sequence is absent or if the match between synthetic oligonucleotides and target sequence is imperfect in the region where they abut. At a high temperature, the new polynucleotide dissociates from the original DNA template, and upon cooling, it and the original DNA serve as templates for a second cycle of hybridization, ligation and thermal dissociation. At each cycle there is a doubling of the number of new complete polynucleotides.

Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture . 2015.

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