Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture . 2015.

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  • Gravitropism — [or geotropism ] is a turning or growth movement by a plant or fungus in response to gravity. Charles Darwin was one of the first Europeans to document that roots show positive gravitropism and stems show negative gravitropism . That is, roots… …   Wikipedia

  • gravitropism — Directional growth of a plant organ in response to a gravitational field roots grow downwards, shoots grow upwards. Achieved by differential growth on the sides of the root or shoot. A gravitation field is thought to be sensed by sedimentation of …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • gravitropism — noun a plants ability to change its growth in response to gravity …   Wiktionary

  • gravitropism — /grævəˈtroʊpɪzəm/ (say gravuh trohpizuhm) noun the directional growth of a plant in response to a gravitational field. {gravi(ty) + tropism} –gravitropic, adjective …  

  • Hydrotropism — is a directional growth response in which the direction is determined by a stimuli/gradient in water concentration but a most common example is that of plant roots growing in humid air bending toward a higher relative humidity level. The process… …   Wikipedia

  • Clinostat — Other names Klinostat, horizontal clinostat, single axis clinostat Uses reduces the effect of gravity on organisms, chiefly used with plants Inventor Julius von Sachs Related items random positioning machine A clinostat is a device which uses… …   Wikipedia

  • Root — This article is about the part of a plant. For other uses, see Root (disambiguation). Primary and secondary roots in a cotton plant In vascular plants, the root is the organ of a plant that typically lies below the surface of the soil. This is… …   Wikipedia

  • Bioastronautics — is a specialty area of bioengineering research which encompasses numerous aspects of biological, behavioral, and medical concern governing humans and other living organisms in a space flight environment; and includes design of payloads, space… …   Wikipedia

  • Drunken trees — Not to be confused with the floss silk tree, also known as the drunken tree or palo borracho. A drunken forest in Siberia caused by melting permafrost. NASA photo. Drunken trees, tilted trees, or a drunken forest, is a stand of trees displaced… …   Wikipedia

  • Ecology — For other uses, see Ecology (disambiguation). Ecology …   Wikipedia

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